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UBERUber – What a name! So you’re in need of some transportation in central London, but hey who wants to take a cab that’s so ‘un-Trendy’! How about getting collected in minutes by a brand new 7 series BMW and driven in style to your destination? Sounds good right? Of course you say, but this sounds expensive! Like everything, there are ways around this problem, and ways to make this a lot cheaper.


So how does this work? You simply download the app for your tablet or phone from here. The app uses the GPS in your phone to locate you. You select where you would like to go agree with the app on the fare, and a driver will be there to collect you in due course. Simple.

Where is it available? Uber is currently available in 41 cities worldwide, so great for that stylish airport pickup or perhaps just to get around a new city in class. From a UK perspective you’re looking at just London for now, but there are countless cities available in the US, as well as Paris, Munich, Sydney and Singapore to name a few. But hey, it’s a great new service, providing you with the additional luxury of a private driver, at a similar price to a black cab

Costs? So here’s the good bit. TrekTrendy provides you with a unique signup link, which will credit your account with £10, which is enough for typical routes such as Shoreditch – London bridge  and Bank to Berkeley Square (both with a variable rate of £9). For the larger distances such as Airport pickups you’re looking at around £30 – £40 from Heathrow to Central, which is in our opinion good value, and with the additional £10 you’re looking at £20, cheaper than a black cab.

Check out Uber today, install the app, see what you think, and do let us know, we’d love to hear some feedback of your free journeys!


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