TrekTrendy Introduction

Welcome to I’m Will and it’s great to meet you, I look forward to sharing with you some of the most exciting tricks, tips and deals to allow you to explore new and exotic areas of the world. Have a look down this page,where I’ll explain in detail what you can expect and how this site works.

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What TrekTrendy can give you


So you love to travel and getting a great deal? Everyone loves a holiday, but due this often being seen as an overindulgence in everyday life, they can often seem too expensive to justify. I set up to share my extensive travel knowledge, deal leverage and relentless offer searching, to save you a fortune and allow you to travel to some of the most exciting destinations which the world has to offer. One of my favourite examples is Dubai. Many see Dubai as place of opulent over indulgence, and whilst I’m not going to pretend it isn’t that, I will argue that it is as affordable as a week in Majorca, Nice, Florence or the Algarve. You can stay in an international standard, centrally located 4* hotel in Dubai for as little as £40 a night, which you’d be hard pressed to find elsewhere in Europe for under £80. But this is just an introduction, what I’ll share with you will enable you to travel in Business class for the price of an economy ticket, relax pre-flight drinking champagne in a lounge of your choosing and even chauffeured to your final destination in an Mercedes S Class.

But let’s take a step back.

Many have been adubaifirstclassloungechieving this sort of experience for years, by leveraging select deals, and actively researching travel offers online taking up hours and hours of their evening and weekends. The truth is, there simply is not enough time in the day to be constantly keeping on the tail of the best deal, or finding ways to fly to exotic and far away destinations for the price of a short haul European flight. That’s what I promise with, you can use my website as a resource, to always find you the best and most exciting holiday offers, so you’re able to afford that experience in Thailand you’ve always dreamed of, or visiting your relatives in Australia which you’ve been meaning to do for years. I’ve never believed in this “once in a lifetime” holiday idea, you shouldn’t limit an experience to “once in a lifetime”, it’s true you only live one, why not maximise your life to the best it possibly can be, don’t be limited by financial constraints which prevent you from going any further than Calais on your yearly holiday (absolutely nothing wrong with Calais, but I bet you’d find Langkawi in the Andaman sea more relaxing!).


My promise to you

kohsamuiMy mission with is to simplify the world of travel offers and deals. It’s a minefield out there, and without the appropriate know-how and tools, it can take all day to find the discount you need in order to justify that 5* central London hotel, or flight to Singapore. I promise to provide you with the tool-kit to do just this, without it taking any more time out of your day than a quick search on Expedia. I’ll also provide a crash courses in:

  • Collecting and spending Airmiles
  • Getting elite status’s on Airlines and Premium Hotels (to give you free roomupgrades, free nights, lounge access, access to exclusive deals)
  • Getting thousands of Airmiles / Hotelpoints for free and without stepping on a place/checking into a hotel.
  • How to earn back hundreds of pounds from your travels

I’ll save you time and a lot of money and I can’t wait to get you started (continue) on your journey to experience the best that the world has to offer.

For Beginners

thailandI run for everyone, and I understand I have people visit from all different disciplines of travel, those seasoned travellers, those who are interested in seeing more of the world or those who’ve never ventured further than their hometown. I’ve set up this part of the website for those who want to learn from the ground up. For those more seasoned deal hunters / mileage experts / travellers, this will still be of interest but there may be some areas which you already know in detail. This is where I differ to other websites out there. I cater for everyone, and don’t over complicate anything. There are no secrets here and I’ll share with you some of the most closely guarded secrets of the travel industry. 


upandawayI update TrekTrends daily with the latest and greatest travel deals available. Here you’ll find all the latest glitches, deals, flight & hotel misprices, lounge passes as well as tutorials and trip reports. If you’ve had a look through the site, and want to start leveraging those air mile deals, and booking the most luxurious accommodation imaginable (for half the price) then check it out! 





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