Sunny beach 7nt holiday from Dublin

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Your resort in Sunny beach

We've found you a selection of gorgeous resorts for your stay in Sunny Beach. One of our favourites is the the Holiday Garden resort, just a few minutes walk from the beach. Offering 10 swimming pools some with artificial waves, slides and of course plenty of sun-beds for getting that tan. The ensuite rooms are well appointed complete fully equipped kitchen as well as a balcony. Available from £53 each!

Your direct flights from Dublin

We've found you return flights to Bourgas (nearest airport to Sunny beach) from Dublin international airport from just £143 each!

More about your holiday in Sunny Beach

Sunny beach of in Bulgarian, Slanchev Bryag, is a seaside resort on the Black sea coastline of Bulgaria. Sunny beach has a hot summer climate, with average highs of 24c in May during your visit. Sunny beach offers a great combination of sunshine, relaxing on the beach as well as a fantastic nightlife.

We’ve found you private transfers directly from the airport to your resort as well as back again at the end of your holiday from just £20 each, available with Hoppa.

We try to be as transparent in pricing as possible as we hate it when travel companies, agencies etc make holidays and deals sound cheaper than they are. We include direct links to book for all of our deals, and the prices mentioned are correct at time of publish. Lastly unless otherwise specified, the prices are based per person on two adults sharing with each person having their own flight and sharing a hotel room.

TrekTrendy FAQs

How so cheap?

We get asked this question a lot. And we’re flattered. But the reality is through lengthy searching on a daily basis we pull together hotel and flight deals separately and bunch them together for you on one page. You’ll still have to book the flight and hotel via Skyscanner and Trivago but this can save hugely in comparison to booking via a travel agent. We live in an online era, so let’s take advantage on the offers which we can get through cleaver booking.

Do I book with you?

You don’t book direct through us. We’re if you like, holiday finding experts. We connect the luxury holiday with the gorgeous holiday makers. You’ll find on this page direct links to Trivago which will find the latest and cheapest hotel prices for you and Skyscanner which will do the same for your flights. And the best bit, we don’t charge a penny for our services, so you can benefit from daily holiday deals for free!

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