Summer 2014

v-australia-economy-classLong haul flights in economy are never the most thrilling experience…. at least this is the perception by many. I fly long haul economy around 10 times a year and shorthaul over 20 times, and the flights vary hugely in their comfort depending on the airline. I’m going to start a series of posts over the coming weeks on the best economy airline out there for long haul. In the frequent flyer and travel blogging community there is a lot of talk about business class and first class, redemption tickets, and points, however for many starting out in this new era / method of travelling, a lot of “butt-in-seat” miles will need to be accrued in order to reap the luxurious benefits. Of course there are many ways to leverage upgrades through not even having to fly a mile, through credit card spending / churning, which I’ll also cover in detail.

Over the coming few posts I’ll discuss some of the airlines which I’ve flown this year in Economy, and also explain how I’ve achieved some of the outstanding prices which I paid for them. I’ve also got a redemption flight coming up on Etihad (sadly before delivery of their new A380) however i’ll still be able to provide a detailed guide to their economy and business product on their 777’s.

Ibali‘ve recently come back from Indonesia, specifically Bali, which I’d recommend to anyone in a heartbeat. Usually I’d opt for a middle eastern based airline for a trip to the far east, down to comfort and reliability, but opted for Air France which provided a return flight to Bangkok for £480 which I thought was quite a steal considering I flew at a peak period. My onward connection was with AirAsia, which has always proved a great budget product, albeit the seat pitch is tight, and there isn’t a Business Class to speak of (hot seats!). Unfortunately Air France didn’t quite shine through, and i’ll be unlikely to fly them again, but it was interesting to test their economy product in comparison. Full trip report to follow in the coming days.

I guess more than anything, it’s been a very busy summer, but now we’re moving into Autumn, it’s time to reflect on what this website,, is going to bring to you over the coming days and weeks.

  • Reviews of the long haul economy products out there – how can i maximize my experience?
  • How to grab a 4* London hotel for the weekend for under £100
  • Detailed guide and understanding on how to leverage credit card sign ups to grant you Business and First class tickets on short and long haul flights
  • Daily provision of the latest discount and voucher codes to find the best accommodation worldwide
  • News and updates on the travel industry and what we can expect from some of the largest providers – in terms of new products, pricing



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