Fly Short Haul


Short Haul is defined as a flight within a home continent, usually no longer than 4 hours

Think the best deals are to be had flying long haul? Think again. We are fortunate to be surrounded by low-cost carriers,touting strenuously for our trade. What you need to be  aware of is the pitfalls which many fall into, credit card fees, extra luggage fees, boarding pass printing fees. This is really how airlines make up their cut-price ticket prices. Trek Trendy aim to provide you with the ‘know-how’ in order to establish which airline to choose on your next short-haul holiday, whilst ensuring you receive a premium experience at a fantastic price.

Firstly it is vital to remember, that for short haul flights booking early is important to save the most money. Airlines increase their prices hugely in the days leading up to the date of departure due to business passengers; companies are willing pay top dollar to secure a convenient last minute meeting!

Flight Search Engines: Offering the best comparison

Now the search begins. With flight search engines you don’t even need to have a specific date in mind and can search by month, or even by year to find the cheapest price. Below are three excellent search engines we have used time after time to find the best priced flights. Whilst using one you will stumble across some great prices, it’s always good to use two in case one service has missed a deal!