Luxury Dubai holiday fly from Scotland £396

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Your 4* hotel

Stay at the Winchester luxury apartments in downtown Dubai where you'll be able to enjoy the well appointed, gorgeous rooms complete with kitchenette. What's more there's a stunning rooftop pool which gives excellent views out over Dubai.


Your flights to Dubai

Fly from Edinburgh international airport over to Dubai on 5* airline Qatar Airways for just £276 return!

Hotel breakdown

Flight breakdown

We absolutely love Dubai, and if you’ve not been before we know you’ll love it too! It’s a unique and one of a kind sort of place, where the design status quo has been challenged. It’s the place where world records are every day occurrences, the most luxurious hotel, the highest building, the largest shopping mall… this list goes on! We’ve been out there a bunch of times, and film most of the trips for our Youtube channel. Have a look, let us know what you think, and most importantly start getting excited about your holiday to this incredible destination! 

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