How to: Cheap Car Hire

Car hire can be a real pain to sort out prior to your holiday. There are just so many options out there, so we’ve pulled together a quick and easy guide to help you get the best value car hire for your next holiday.

Below you’ll find the three steps which will help you save money off your next holiday. It’s often costs like car hire which are not accounted for when originally planning your holiday and whilst small for a weekend away, for a 14night summer holiday saving that little bit extra will go a long way!

Step 1 - Compare

Use a comparison website to compare many different car hire providers at once. Just plug in your dates, arrival time and destination and you’ll be able to find available options for your holiday. There are many different aggregators out there, but one of our favourites is TravelSupermarket

Step 2 - Car Hire Excess Cover

Excess waiver insurance. This is probably one of the most important points today and also where car hire companies can charge a fortune upon vehicle collection. If you book a car rental for say £90 and then arrive to collect your car, they’ll attempt to sell you their excess waiver insurance. Whilst the cars are fully insured, you’ll be liable to pay up to £1000 of the excess if you have an accident or the vehicle is damaged. There’s nothing wrong with the excess cover they’ll offer you, just it can over inflate the cost of your car hire to over double in some instances.

Instead, book with a third party provider before you go. You can get a similar level of cover but pay a fraction of the “at the desk price”. If an accident should happen then you’ll have to pay the excess but your excess cover will be able to reimburse you. Again, we love the ability to compare a bunch of different providers at once, so head over to TravelSupermarket to find your cover options.

Step 3 - Flexible pick up

Be flexible on pickup location. Airports will always be the most expensive due to taxes etc. If you can collect from a city centre location such as a train station you can often save. This will vary by country, but do always compare these. For example a rental in Malaga was 50% cheaper if you collected the car in the city centre in comparison to the airport.

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