Error Fare Hawaii £382

sunset over hawaii

Error Fare – London to Hawaii return on Iberia and American Airlines. Just £382!

What’s an error fare?

Error fares can happen for a number of reasons, sometimes through cleaver booking you can avoid the fuel or tax surcharges. More often than not it’s down to human error, when the airline is plugging the flights into their computer system.

I’ve also added return flights from London under the flight error pricing. Not for everyone, but certainly an interesting offer considering usual flight prices to Hawaii are close to £1000 from the UK. I’d reccomend this booking for someone wanting a multicity adventure, as there’s potential to stop off in Madrid and the mainland US if required.

Fly to Hawaii from Amsterdam £298

A different one for you today, an error fare! Costing just £298 you can fly to Hawaii return!

London to Amsterdam flights

Add these flights onto your booking and you've got the complete return package from London to Hawaii for just £382

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