Error Fare – £156 return to the US on BA from Europe

Error fares are an incredible way to see multiple countries at a ridiculously low price. Today’s error price is no exception. Yes, you’ll have to plan around the destinations but why not see more countries, whilst you travel! You can pick up ultra cheap flights to Oslo and back from Berlin your intended starting point here.

For £156 all in, flying British Airways / Finnair! Dates are available from November 2015 all the way to March 2016. 

error fare from europe to US


So why is this so cheap?

This is what is called fuel dumping and it’s a tactic which has been used for year amongst the savvy frequent flyers, in order to seriously reduce and often eliminate fuel surcharges which airlines impose. This is because the flight package will be based on two airlines and therefore two booking systems, allowing for a glitch to prevent the addition of the taxes.

I’ll post error fares and flights glitches weekly, and whilst it may not be for everyone, it can allow you to visit far flung destinations for next to nothing.

Word of caution 

Always wait until you get the confirmation from the Airline(s) directly before booking further potentially non refundable accommodation. You’ll most likely have to wait a few hours but you’ll get the booking ref and be able to manage the booking directly with the airline once it’s been fulfilled by the booking agent. In this circumstance above the German flight agent, 

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