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Wouldn’t it be nice to have some sunshine to look forward to? Well we’ve found you just that, in form of a luxury 5* holiday to Dubai! We’ve searched long and hard to find you a stunning holiday to one of the UK’s most popular long haul destinations, where the sun shines all year round.

We’ve found you a gorgeous 5* hotel complete with rooftop pool for your stay as well as return flights on Virgin Atlantic from an all in price of… wait for it…. £344 – details below:

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Your luxury Dubai hotel

We've found you a selection of stunning 5* hotels in Dubai for your stay. The Carlton Palace for example, features a rooftop pool, spa and luxury well appointed rooms. What's more they are located within easy distance to the main sights of Dubai, a short distance from the airport and close to Deira and not far from the mall and Burj Khalifa. All this from just £81 each for the duration of your stay in Dubai.

Your direct flights from London

We've found you one heck of a deal here, return flights from London on Virgin Atlantic over to Dubai International airport for just £263 all in, which includes luggage and meals onboard. You're saving quite a lot here as direct flights are usually around the £300 mark on a good day!

More about a holiday to Dubai

There is so much to do in Dubai, and if you haven’t been before you’re in for a treat! In contrast to popular believe, Dubai is actually an affordable destination, and there are plenty of good value sights and things to do, aside from enjoying your rooftop pool of course! So firstly, we’d suggest heading over Dubai mall, where you’ll been blown away by the world’s largest shopping centre, largest aquarium and while you’re at it, largest dancing fountains. But let’s not stop there, you can also go up the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalfia. Tickets can be had for around £27, and you’ll take a super fast lift right up to the viewing platform to experience incredible views out over Dubai and further into the desert.

Not to be missed is a trip over the the Dubai souks, where you’ll be able to walk around experiencing different sights of gold, diamonds and the smell of various spices from across the middle east. It really gives you the impression of stepping back in time, to before the glitz and the glamour of modern Dubai. If you do fancy a real treat though, we’d highly recommend booking a table for afternoon tea or cocktails up the Burj Al Arab, the world’s only 7 star hotel, this can be arranged for around £70 each, which is quite a steal considering a room in this hotel is around £1,800 a night!

Dubai Burj Al Arab

We try to be as transparent in pricing as possible as we hate it when travel companies, agencies etc make holidays and deals sound cheaper than they are. We include screenshots (above) of the prices for all of our deals, and these are correct at time of publish. Lastly unless otherwise specified, the prices are based per person on two adults sharing with each person having their own flight and sharing a hotel room.

TrekTrendy FAQs

How so cheap?

We get asked this question a lot. And we’re flattered. But the reality is through lengthy searching on a daily basis we pull together hotel and flight deals separately and bunch them together for you on one page. You’ll still have to book the flight and hotel via Skyscanner and Trivago but this can save hugely in comparison to booking via a travel agent. We live in an online era, so let’s take advantage on the offers which we can get through cleaver booking.

Do I book with you?

You don’t book direct through us. We’re if you like, holiday finding experts. We connect the luxury holiday with the gorgeous holiday makers. You’ll find on this page direct links to Trivago which will find the latest and cheapest hotel prices for you and Skyscanner which will do the same for your flights. And the best bit, we don’t charge a penny for our services, so you can benefit from daily holiday deals for free!

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