Cheap flights to Singapore just £338

£339 Singapore flights

We’ve put together a stunning flight deal to SingaporeDeparting from London Heathrow and flying over to Singapore Changi international airport. You’ll return a week later to London Heathrow. What’s more you’ll fly the 787 Dreamliner/A380 on 5 star airline Etihad. We’ve got you a choice of departing dates. This is an incredible price for Singapore with flights costing usually around £600.

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Flight breakdown

More dates: 14-21st April, 19-28th April, 8-15th May, 24-31st May

More about Singapore

Want to know more about Singapore? If you’ve never been here, we’ve found a great video on the top things to see and do, so you maximise your time here. That way you’ll benefit even more from your cheap flight deal and have lasting memories for years to come.


Well now you’ve found the perfect flights, you’ll be wanting some cheap but luxury accommodation. We’ve found the perfect 4/5* hotels for your stay, with a little help with our friends over at Trivago.

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Find the perfect transfer, with multiple options to suit your preferences and budget. From limousine transfers to mini bus pick up, we’ve got you covered with our friends over at

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