Boost your Airmiles with 20,000 miles per hotel stay!

Amongst many of the offers out there to boost your miles on your frequent flyer programme of choice, there have been a series of new websites, offering a large amount of miles simply for booking hotels via their website. Today I want to focus on Rocketmiles.


How’s it work?

Rocketmiles was established in 2012, and is a Hotel search engine and booking agent. But here’s the kicker, if you book with Rocket Miles you can get up to 20,000 worth of airmiles per booking.  Now the term “airmiles” is thrown around far too loosely, so what airlines are partnered with Rocketmiles which I can earn miles for my bookings?


The answer as you can see above, is quite a lot. And those new to the airmiles world, even if there’s a specific airline which you want to earn miles for which is not listed, like for example Emirates – their partner Alaska Airlines allows transfers across therefore you can earn for Alaska but turn them into Emirates miles.

So what does this mean for me?

Whilst it does require a bit of digging finding a decent deal, the fact a typical booking is coupled with several thousand miles, which, I think you’d agree it’s a pretty fair deal. Use this to boost your miles for that First Class redemption you need. Let’s say you book a 2 week break away using this and each night is 5,000 miles. Using simple maths you’re looking at 5,000 x 14 = 70,000 miles.

What’s more at the moment you can get 3,000 additional miles on your first booking using my sign up link here. Even if you book one night away in say Birmingham, you could enjoy a boost of 8,000 miles on your airline of choice. Alternatively there is the choice of cashing out with Avios, which as you’ll learn from my site, is a rather lucrative currency, malleable to several other redemption possibilities not limited to Hotels and Flights (think free Eurostar Tickets, booze and fuel)

Ok, get me the deal! 

Avios Sign up Link for 3,000 bonus Avios Miles

Or choose which Airline you’d like to credit your 3,000 miles to on your first booking here


Keep updated

Be sure to check back in the next few days, as I’ll be looking into other services similar to Rocketmiles and I’ve got some pretty sweet deals coming up for totally free miles, without having to spend a penny 😉 . Remember you can follow TrekTrendy on Facebook and Twitter.



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