[blockquote] Trek Trendy gives me a platform, to share my expertise with you, on how to experience the world, in luxury at a fraction of the retail price.[/blockquote]


I’m Will, and I founded TrekTrendy.com in 2013. I absolutely love traveling, and have always been fascinated with the seemingly endless destinations which are available to us in the 21st century, a few short hours away on a plane. Whether it be the African Savanna plains, the temples of Angkor Wat or the opulence of Dubai, these experiences can often seem out of reach, due to the high perceived costs and daunting nature of the unknown. And let’s face it, if you’ve 2 weeks off work, you want to maximize your time away, and experience the best, but not pay over the odds. With TrekTrendy I promise to share with you the tips and tricks which I’ve used to travel the world, in luxury at a far lower cost than you’d possibly imagine. Let me give you a tiny snapshot of some of the ‘travel hacks’ I’ve achieved:

    • 5* Dubai hotels for less than the price of a travel lodge.
    • Always using Business and First class airport lounges when traveling, without any additional cost.
    • A luxury 5* European weekend break for under £100 inclusive of flights and transfers
    • Having free executive lounge access in every major city worldwide.
    • Travelling Business class for the price of an economy ticket.
    • Eating in Michelin Star restaurants for free.
    • Being chauffeured around London, Abu Dhabi, Bangkok in luxury cars for free,
    • Claiming hundreds of pounds back off the final price of my flights and hotels in cashback.
    • Guaranteed upgrades, late checkouts and welcome gifts in major hotel chains worldwide, such as Hilton, Accor, Radisson and Anantara to name a few!

It’s incredible the deals and offers which I’ve been able to leverage to my advantage over the past couple of years. I look forward to sharing these and many more with you. Welcome to TrekTrendy.com.

Welcome to a new world of luxury which you didn’t realise was available to you. Luxury at a fraction of the retail price. That’s my promise.