12 Months 12 New Countries


My travel addiction

I’ve been fortunate to do a lot of travelling, especially over the last few years through leveraging the various deals and glitches. At currently 25, I’m lucky to have travelled to every continent apart from South America – which I do admit to being on the list for this summer!


My 2015

trektrendsexploreNow I’ve never been one for New Years resolutions, always believing that one specific time in the year shouldn’t be the time for a change (though it’s a great start) but instead thinking that it’s great to have fresh and new challenges throughout the year. However, I was having a conversation with a close friend over the Christmas break, and his resolution was to travel to 12 countries in 12 months. Whilst I travel a lot throughout the year, I sometimes visit the same countries (through habit / seeing friends) so in the same vein this year; I’ll be travelling to 12 new countries in 12 months. What’s great though is through TrekTrendy.com I’ll be able to share with you the details on each of my trips. All of these trips will be using the deal skill-set, tips and tricks that I’ve acquired through my travel addiction, and I’ll share everything with you. Why not try and do the same or at least replicate a few of my trips with some friends or a partner. If you’re new to TrekTrendy, my philosophy is simple, travel to new exciting destinations, stay luxuriously and maximise your time there, but pay a fraction of the retail price.

January’s Destination

tt sledge*Drum Role. Norway! Specifically Oslo. I’ll be providing a detailed breakdown of the plan in a future post but with flights working out at only £60 return to London Gatwick it seemed the natural choice. I’ve also used the current 10% off Hotels.com bookings to get a rather tidy design hotel in the centre of town: the comfort hotel central station for £60 a night. What I’m most looking forward to though is tobogganing, which is just a metro ride away from the town centre. Who needs it to snow in England, when for a £7 sledge rental, I can do so here on the designated 2km Norwegian sledging track!

cphloveMy Scandinavian Journey

So in November I lost my “Scandinavian” virginity. I flew Norwegian Airlines from Gatwick over to Copenhagen, Denmark, and have to say I was very impressed. Denmark seemed an eclectic mix of German and Swiss efficiency, French continental city planning and Italian beauty. Of course the Swiss element also brought with it the expense, to the tune of £7 a beer, but seeing as a year previous I was enjoying 40p a pint beers in Siam Reap – I’ll just put that down to contrasting destinations! I’m excited to add Norway to my Scandinavian portfolio, and already have Finland in my sights!

Sneak peak at the next few destinations…

Without giving too much away, I’ve already got the following in the pipeline… Oman, Sri Lanka, Poland and South America (quite where in SA yet I haven’t established but I have a few friends in Brazil so this may well be the chosen start point!).


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