Travel Hacking to Explore the World

Travel Hacking 101: Over the coming few days i’m going to begin a step-by-step guide on how to leverage some of the world’s best hotel and flight deals. I’ll put together “beginner packs” for those new to this phenomenon so that you can hit the ground running, with one of the most exciting things to do in life, travel! One of the most popular topics of conversation, to those beginning to get into the idea of “Travel Hacking” is how can I fly on Business Class / First Class without spending £1000’s on the ticket price. Well here’s the great thing, I will be showing you how to do just this, without even having to step foot on a plane! Sounds insane right? It’s what got me hooked on travel blogging and travel hacking to begin with.

Travel Hacking

phuketphotoSo what’s travel hacking? Sounds a bit sinister right? And no, it’s all completely legitimate before you ask. Simply put it’s being able to travel the world at a fraction of the commercial and publicized cost. Though it’s not limited to traveling the world, it can be as simple as being able to get a train ticket at half the price advertised, or staying at a top London hotel for under £50 a night. It’s a huge movement online, and it can be difficult to keep up to date on the latest offers, deals and glitches. But, that’s where I come in. You’ll find more about me here , I’m Will and I’ve been fortunate to travel to extensively around the world, from the Georgetown to Johannesburg, from Singapore to Sydney, from Prague to Porto… But the point it, I want to help others do the same as what I’ve done, and I know it’s entirely possible for anyone to experience the sensation of waking up on the other side of the world, and not to have had to broken the bank over it. Typically if you speak to someone about going to the Thai Islands, of for example Koh Samui… you hear one of two things, it’s far too expensive and too far to go, or that it’s only for backpacking at the budget I have. Just last week there was a deal for the 5* Millennium Hotel in Phuket, going for £4 a night… yes £4 for a 5* worldclass hotel in a prime beach location in one of the most exciting places on earth.kohtaoimage

I’m glad you’ve taken the time to come to, and I look forward to sharing with you some of the best of the best. I work alongside others in the community of Travel Hacking, to help bring you the best offers, deals and glitches on a daily basis, it’s a hobby which I love and I hope I can help you enjoy some of the world’s most exotic and luxurious locations on shoestring budget. Have a look around some of my posts over the past year, and you’ll get an idea of some of the great deals I’ve managed to find. One of the best ways to keep up to date with TrekTrendy is to like my page on Facebook or Follow on Twitter.

Will, Founder. 


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