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If Elite status with major hotel chains and airliners granting you Free Upgrades, Lounge Access and FastTrack is your thing, read on!

STARToday I’m going to introduce what you may or may not be familiar with, Status Matching. From time to time Hotel chains and Airlines release complimentary elite status sign ups, allowing you to gain an elite status without even having to stay in the hotel / fly. Just this year, there’s been American Airlines Silver, Marriott Silver, Hliton HHonours Silver, Accor Club Platinum and Club Carlson Gold to name but a few. These often vary on what they grant you, but for hotels they can mean a room upgrade, late checkout and access to the club lounges. For airlines it can allow you to be bumped up to Business (rare but happens, most notably on Jet airways but that’s another story) fast track security and gain lounge access.


I want Elite Status

*Jan 2015 Update: Some people have had issues with their email addresses working with Marriott’s website. If you find this then try the Hilton Silver Status Fastrack instead, same benefits, again providing a great launchpad for Status Matching!

Well of course you do. The great thing is once you get one elite status it becomes a lot easier to get others. You need to be quick as they never hang around for long. Ok… I’ll get you started: Get Marriott Silver Status HERE, whilst only Silver [and strictly speaking you should be an Accenture employee 😉 ] this will at least give you:

  • Priority room upgrades
  • Room availability
  • Late checkout
  • Member only sales / benefits
  • Most importantly a launch pad to other Elite Status’s
  • A physical Silver Card and welcome pack mailed to your home address

Ok, I now have elite Status with “Marriott” how do I get it matched to another?

marriothotelsSo now you have a Silver Elite status – welcome to the elite club. It’s nothing to be sneered at as to gain this status by staying in the Marriott, you’d have had to stay at least 10 times via qualifying stays (i.e. booked directly with Marriott hotels and not via etc). So what can I do now?

This requires, luck and a bit of trial and error. But hey, I’ve done the hard bit, so I’m keen to share with you some of the secrets and my learnings! Did you know that now you hold an Elite Status with Marriott, you can match to another hotel’s silver status!?

Best Western

indonchin palaceStatus Match no Catch is how I obtained Diamond Elite with Best Western, and is certainly a fantastic benefit. Worldwide there are some outstanding Best Western Premier Hotels, which surprises a lot of people. Many associate Best Western with average 3 star seaside resort hotels…. Well earlier in the year I stayed in a 2 bedroom Suite in the Best Western Premier, Indochine Palace in Hue, Vietnam. Yes. A Palace! Check it out here – I’ll be adding my trip report soon.

An example for you. A Diamond Elite with Best Western gets you:

  • Free Room upgrade (can be worth hundreds of pounds!)
  • Early checkout
  • Late Checkout
  • 15% off dining
  • Daily Newspaper

Get your Silver status matched with Best Western, and you’ll be able to enjoy some of these benefits. It’s how you can stay in a hotel’s Presidential Suite for the cost of a Standard hotel room.. trust me, it’s totally doable!

Airline Matches

skyteamoneworldstarallianceAnd, not that it’s worked for everyone but has worked for some, you can even get success in matching your elite status to an Airlines Silver Status. This Unlocks a whole new world of possibilities, as with an elite airline status under your belt you’re one step closer to getting matches to an airline in an alliance, such as OneWorld, Skyteam or Star Alliance.

gulfsilverGive me Gulf Airlines Elite Status

It’s not well known but you can quite easily obtain Silver Falcon Flyer with Gulf Airlines. This will then allow you to have Elite airline status. Sure it’s not as simple as the instant status form you get with Marriott. But nevertheless still effective. Simply email with a photo of your elite status, and they’ll send you a welcome pack within a couple of weeks. As I said, whilst Silver with Gulf Air may not be the most amazing status in the world it still unlocks a whole new Elite world to you.

More tricks of the trade..

Delta Platinum MedallionSo I’ve explained Elite matches, what about Status challenges? Basically the airline grants you an elite status with them for 90 days. In order to keep the elite status you must meet a specific threshold, in terms of miles flown or flights taken. These can be especially good within the Airline elite status world, but usually require you to already hold an elite status with an airline. For example, Delta does a Status challenge . If you’re intending to fly Delta a few times within the next few months, I’d recommend utilising this deal, in order to obtain an elite status with Delta and in turn SkyTeam elite which can be used to get upgrades and lounge access with a multitude of airlines, including Air France, KLM, Alitalia and Garuda Airlines to name but a few.

I’ll continue to post more instant status deals and loopholes over the coming weeks. In fact I’ll be showing you how to get Silver Status with Hilton later in the week! You can keep up-to-date on TrekTrends or follow on Facebook / Twitter


Images used courtesy of: Delta, Gulf Air, Skyteam, OneWorld, Marriott, Star Alliance, Best Western

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