Free Flights up to £200

This evening I’ve stumbled a deal which has the potential to net you free flights of up to £200. The website is called Bravo Fly, and it’s a Swiss based company which has a number of country specific websites. This deal concerns their Russian website, BravoFriends.Ru, where they have a refer a quite lucrative refer a friend deal.

How do I get it?

bravofriendsBasically you can sign up here, and you’ll get £20 credit to start you off. For each friend which you refer you’ll get £1 which leaves this wide open to refer and earn a free airline ticket. Airlines such as RyanAir and EasyJet are bookable via their website so shouldnt take long to get a free flight! Once you have appropriate credit you can redeem a 16 digit voucher on Bravo friends which can be used on  . Firstly, i’d imagine many would get somewhat hesitant on using a Russian website, remember you only need to register using an email (and it’s great practice to have a secondary email account) and your name. Secondly, the website is in fact as I mentioned, Swiss Owned, and it’s worth a shot to gain a potential free flight in my opinion!


The website is in Russian so use Google Translate in order to use effectively. Leave a comments to let me know how you get on, would be interesting to hear some success stories. Also I can’t imagine this will stay open for that long, as soon as a website like HUKD get this trending, it’s the sort of thing i’d imagine the’d pull / limit. Good Luck!


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