Cheap Flights to South America £250

Today i’ve got some error fares for you. These are when an airline or booking agent has incorrectly inputted the pricing, and taxation into their booking system. Great for us, not so great for the airline!

So South America is an incredibly exciting destination, especially with the World Cup last year, and the Olympics next year, Brail especially, is planting itself more prominently on the tourist hit list.

South America is notoriously quite hard to fly to directly, with BA only providing a handful of flights, mainly charged at a premium in excess of £800. However, many have started flying via Madrid, as this provides a handy stopover to break up the flights, but also saves a fortune. Usually flights via Madrid would be closer to the £500 mark.

This is where this offer comes in. I’ve found flights from Madrid to Brazil, flying back from Chile for just £204. Now I understand this may not apply to everyone, but if you’re looking to travel South America this would be a fantastic opportunity to get there very cheaply. I’ve also added the UK flight option below, which is just £50 additional for return flights.

Madrid > South America for £204

Dates: Multiple throughout September through to December. I’ve used sample dates of 19th November > 3rd December.

fly to south america for £204
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UK > Madrid

Norwegian in this circumstance offer some great flights,

cheap flights to madrid
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